Thursday, February 12, 2009

~In My Heart~

~In My Heart~

Verse 1
So here I am once again in the darkness of my heart
I'm searching for you, but the shadows keep me guessing
Of where you are,
Now I'm on my knees screaming in pain tears streaming down my face
I can only say one thing, Where are You?
And as I'm ready to give up and die
I see a light in the corner of my eye

Now I stand on my feet
Screaming your praises
Tears of joy stream down my face as I call out your name
Cause now I know you and now I know where You are
You're in my heart

Verse 2
So here I am once again in the light of my heart
My search for you is over
Now the shadows disappear from the radiance of your love
And the devil appears bringing along my sin
But with a grin I turn my head

Verse 3
And he curses Your name
For taking me away
But I turn and run with haste
With a smile beaming on my face
And the shadows disappear
My eye sheds a tear, cause I know where You are,
Your in my heart


Hater of sin yet lover of sinners
All-powerful, all knowing
Everywhere at once, lives inside me
Sovereign king, Holy God
Destroyer of folly, saver of souls
King of my life, Lord of my soul

Sunday, February 8, 2009



From the depths of my depravity,

Comes screaming this insanity,

Cursing, bruising, all of me,

Taking what I cannot be,

But I hear a voice from hell,

"This choice you make can light dispel,

These creatures crawling from the well,

Can stories righteous always tell,"

But light is fading for truth is gone,

A song sung dirge, from dusk to dawn,

And then red skies that pool with blood

Come crashing, flowing, like a flood

To think, to know, that vanity

Has gripped its grasp, its hold on me,

And stolen from eternity,

Redemption's purpose, song, and prose,

And spilt the blood from bloody rose!

Ezekiel Schmidt
February 08, 2009

Saturday, February 7, 2009

~A Piece of Me~


On a night where the stars shined bright in the sky.
So bright that their light
Trickled down to the sea,
All darkened with night.

The waves lapped at the shore
Every now and again,
Reflecting the flicker of a flame
That danced between two men.

One man sat taller than the other one,
For he was a father, and the other his son.
They sat in a moment of silence until
The son looked around in the still night air.

From the stars to the waves,
From the stone to the flames.
Each one reminded him of his father
In some small way.

The twinkle of his fathers eyes ,
He saw in the stars.
While the warmth of the fire reminded him
Of his fathers kind heart.

In the waves he felt the power
Of his father alone.
While the strength of his fist,
He saw in the stone.

He thought aloud,
"How could this be?"
Then his father replied,
"Into each of these Ive put a piece of me."

Just then the son looked down at himself,
By the light of the flame,
And he saw that he and his father
Looked very much the same.

"I wonder", asked the son,
With a bit of glee.
"What piece of yourself
Have you put into me?"

"Not a piece", said the father.
"But every part.
For the flame of my spirit
Burns in your heart."

"And my strength, like a stone
Will keep you from crumbling.
While my power alone
Will enable you to run without stumbling."

"Now go, like a star,
And shine for my glory.
Use all of these things
to tell others my story.

Andrew Smith Feb. 07, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Note to the Chosen

A Note to The Chosen.....

Allow me to introduce you, yet again, to Ante Bellum. I write. I also read. Those who read my blog may or not get tired of reading my own works, but I want to post yours.

Email me at one of the following.

I will review your writings, and If I find them of note, I will likely post them.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

30 Pieces of Silver

30 pieces!

30 pieces of silver!

Judas, close you’re eyes

Judas, kill your conscience

Because the purpose of existence

Is culminating in a moment

Judas, numb your nerves

Judas, break your heart

The Son of God you betray

With this

With this

With this unholy kiss

Your corrupt, rotting lips

Graced His perfect face

And damned the Son of God

To this great disgrace

But now I realize

Behind your glowing eyes

Lies a creature stealthily

That looks just like me

Johnathan Schofield