Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sovereign Artist

Sovereign Artist

A canvas, a brush

empty and untouched

afraid to grace the face

in fear that I may mar

this work unfinished

in its purity

leaving a gaping scar

to forever haunt and taunt

the bitterness that would seep

into the wound

and cower over existence

until impending doom

A steady hand, a stroke

a careful eye

with skill invokes

across the canvas

with crimson red

over lines

traced with lead

dripping down

etching with heart

across each pure

and untouched part

The master makes

his grand design

Carefully tracing

each little line

casting the clay

for his own use

this work of beauty

now must choose

Good God I pray

That in your will

I may stay

Show me now

what you will

I need your grace

its absence kills

Only you, Lord

Only my God, my God

Could ever paint with such care

across this canvas, erase despair

Only you could ever trace

And all because Amazing Grace

Has set me free

Has set me free

Johnathan Schofield

Monday, January 19, 2009

Digital Smiles

Tick-tock, the evil clock
of time/that rhyme
Drip-drop, the sand won't stop
to flow through this hour-glass

Time flies/ we've said goodbyes
words said/ penciled lead
Scratched on a wrinkled page
of amber, jade and sweet

Digital smiles sent to digital friends
I wish that i could see you all again
but at least I can find a comfort in the solace of a bleeding cloud,
veiled beneath a smoke-screen shroud

Too late to have undone what I thought I'd never do
Oh-well. Maybe we all will just let by-gones be by-gones
and sleep in a slumber of ignorance and pride
because we all know that it truly is bliss, right?

Johnathan Schofield