Sunday, January 3, 2010

Song of Eternity

I look behind me-

I see those who’ve gone before.

You led each one-

You opened wide Your door.

I look ahead-

My path obscured with sin and fear.

“O, Lord, I need You by me!

I need You to be near!”

As I struggle on this path,

Falling in the fear of man,

Your promise is to not forsake-

“O, Child, take My hand.”

Blindly, I grope

For Your outstretched hand,

Longing for freedom

From this slavery to man!

Suddenly, my eyes behold

Your blessed Son

As at His bloody cross

I stand undone.

Weeping, I fall

Before Your blessed Son

His complete sacrifice

My freedom has now won.

My path is now

Inflamed with light-

My future by Your Son’s Love

Now shines so bright!

As Your mercy guides me

Through Your holy gate,

Justified, I firmly stand-

Death no longer is my fate!

In awe I stand

Before Your throne-

By Your grace set free-

A Child of You alone!

Eternity with You is now

My Blessed End!

“O Lord, You are my Love,

My Father, My Friend!”

Holy, Holy, Holy!

Breaks forth with joyous sound

As Eternity’s Song

To You I resound.

“My Lord, I love You!”

I lay all at Your feet

As Eternity’s Song

I’ll forever repeat!

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